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What is Octobrists?

Octobrists is a one man band that incorporates industrial punk music
with a live multimedia presentation.
When starting Octobrists I wanted to do something different.
It is almost impossible to write music that is extremely
different because everything has been done.
The best way to separate Octobrists from everyone
else is the presentation of the music.
Taking the themes of each EP and songs,
Octobrists incorporates videos and special lighting to the live show.
This will give fans a full sensory experience of music, video and lighting.

What is “Autocratic Majority” all about

Government has now turned into religion.
We decide how we eat, interact, befriend, love, watch
and live every aspect of our lives by the politics we subscribe to.
When government becomes this important,
it has too much power and needs to be reduced.
We all have the same goals but we just may
have a different way in achieveing these goals.
When you assume intent, the oppressors win by
turning us against each other judge everyone by their
actions and character not how they vote in a ballet box.
This album and live show is a way for all of us
to come together, agree to disagree and possibly
see something in a new way.

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Autocratic Majority