Ghost of You and I


I’ve found the love, that I had with you
Wasn’t so rosie, wasn’t so blue

I’ve discovered, that being alone
Is less lonely, then being with you

The madness has lasted, for many years
Smoldering ashes, flashbacks and tears

Come follow me home, but don’t follow me here
Don’t worry soon, we’ll be strangers my dear

Hurry back home and hurry back to me
Its a cold summer night with nowhere to be
So many reasons to say goodbye
But not one for you to stay the night

She said the night was meant for u and I
don’t be mistaken this is will end in time
Try as I must and try to get by
In the end it won’t be alright

Don’t worry babe Don’t cry tonight
It’s time to catch your red eye flight
I tried to win and I tried to fight
I’m chasing the ghost of you and I