Killing for Rock ‘n’ Roll


Found my soul on a Texas Road
Killing for Rock ‘n’ Roll
The smell of booze and jukebox tunes
Ringing my head again
Burn from the high of a night that passed
Looking for a fix
Spill your blood for an hour or two
Living my life afgain

Burning inside of me
Bleeding fast out of me

Share a shot, story, laugh and sigh
Been up for days
Lonely and cold on a hot summer night
Weeks been a days
Packed with locals in a cheap saloon
Downing the drinks
Hit the stage with a high class buzz
Feeling the release

Hey, Hey, Hey
Killing for Rock ‘n’ Roll

Enter their life for a day and night
Looking for a thrill
Ten days solid still going strong
Looking for my bed
Pack it up, say goodbye, leave it all behind
Looking for an end
Found my soul on a Texas road
Killing for Rock ‘n’ Roll

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