Killing for Rock ‘n’ Roll


Found my soul on a Texas Road
Killing for Rock ‘n’ Roll
The smell of booze and jukebox tunes
Ringing my head again
Burn from the high of a night that passed
Looking for a fix
Spill your blood for an hour or two
Living my life afgain

Burning inside of me
Bleeding fast out of me

Hey, Hey, Hey
Killing for Rock ‘n’ Roll

Share a shot, story, laugh and sigh
Been up for days
Lonely and cold on a hot summer night
Weeks been a days
Packed with locals in a cheap saloon
Downing the drinks
Hit the stage with a high class buzz
Feeling the release

Enter their life for a day and night
Looking for a thrill
Ten days solid still going strong
Looking for a bed
Pack it up, say goodbye, leave it all behind
Looking for an end
Found my soul on a Texas road
Killing for Rock ‘n’ Roll